Programs for Leadership and Service Education


Occasionally a student organization will need to hire an entertainer or a band which entails a signature on a contract. For your protection, all contracts and legal agreements, etc. must be reviewed and signed by the Director of Programs for Leadership and Service Education. Signature by a student or advisor is invalid.

Typically, the individual(s) that you are contracting for an event or service will have a prepared contract. If they do not, below is a partial sample that can be utilized for this purpose. Please contact Student Involvement for a full copy, with any questions, and for final review. Remember that, for your safety, you are not authorized to sign contracts!

Partial Sample Contract

Concert Agreement
Butler University, Programs for Leadership and Service Education

This agreement, when signed by all parties, shall constitute a contract by and between Butler Programs for Leadership and Service Education (hereinafter referred to as "PRESENTER") and __________________ (hereinafter referred to as "PERFORMER") dated ___________.

1. PRESENTER contracts the personal services of PERFORMER for engagement as outlined herein:

A. Concert: _____________________________________
Date: ___________________________________________
Time: ___________________________________________
Length: _________________________________________
Location: ______________________________________

Attach additional concert information, if applicable.

B. Additional activities to be included in PERFORMER's schedule:

2. A. PRESENTER agrees to pay PERFORMER _________________Dollars ($_____________) for the rendition of services called for herein: (description of services)

Please note this is only part of an entire contract. Contact Programs for Leadership and Service Education for a complete contract.