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Interested in Starting a New Organization?

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We want you to have every opportunity to shape your involvement. If you can't find an organization that fits your needs, you can start your own! New organizations require at least four interested members, a full-time faculty or staff advisor and a constitution. 


To start a new student organization, groups must have:

  • A minimum of 4 members
  • A constitution
  • A full time Butler University faculty or staff advisor

The constitution of any proposed new student organization must be endorsed by Student Government Association (SGA) executive board, and approved by the Director of PuLSE, the Director of Greek Life (if applicable) and the Dean of Student Life.

An initial meeting with the Director of PuLSE to review the group's constitution is required.

The constitution must include notification that:

  • The rules and regulations of the University take precedence over the organization's constitution
  • The organization will not discriminate on the basis of race, age, disability, gender, nationality/ethnicity, sexual orientation, residence, religion or any other legally-protected category as well as attempt to be accessible to all regardless of physical or mental disability.
  • No hazing or discrimination will be used as a condition of membership to the organization
  • All officers must be currently enrolled Butler students.
  • The organization will have a full time Butler faculty or staff serve as the group's advisor

Until approval has been given, a new organization may meet only for the purpose of organizing itself. Fraternities, sororities and related councils must work with the Director of Greek Life.


Once students wishing to establish a new organization have met with the Director of the PuLSE Office, the group must complete:

  • an application for a new student organization form
  • the President/Advisor Statement of Understanding
  • a proposed list of officers
  • an electronic version of the proposed constitution to the SGA Vice President of Operations
  • The completed forms are turned into the PuLSE Office.

SGA endorsement

A representative of the proposed organization must contact the SGA Vice President of Operations to be placed on the SGA executive board agenda. The organization must present itself to the SGA executive board at a designated meeting.

The board will discuss the potential organization and determine whether it is endorsed by SGA.

If the group is endorsed by SGA, the group's application will be given to the Director of PuLSE and the Dean of Student Life for final University approval..

If the group is not endorsed, appeals of the SGA executive board's decision may be taken to SGA assembly. Appeals must be submitted in writing to the SGA president.

Student Government Association may review and propose changes to the SGA portion of the new student organization endorsement process. 

Please come to the Programs for Leadership and Service Education office with any questions and to receive the necessary paperwork to proceed.


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