Programs for Leadership and Service Education

Spiritual Organizations

Butler Catholic Community
Established to foster the spiritual, intellectual, and social interest of Catholic students.  

Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship 

Christian fellowship and ministry 

Butler Coalition for Christian Outreach (CCO)
National nondemoninational campus ministry with a central purpose to transform students to transform the world.

This group aims to establish and advance witnessing communities of students and faculty who follow Jesus.

Campus Crusade for Christ - Cru
A student-led group that provides students with Christian fellowship and training. It is open to anyone.

Grace Unlimited
Strengthens students' faith by providing regular opportunities for worship, Bible study, service, and social activities.  All students are welcome.

Provides social, cultural, educational, community service and religious opportunities in a Jewish context to Butler students. Opportunities for Shabbat dinners, celebration of Jewish holidays, discussion groups and other activities. Open to all students.

Counseling Body 2


LCMS-U offers a confessional Lutheran community at Butler University. LCMS-U is part of the national campus ministry of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, which connects and supports college students as they face challenges and bear witness to Christ on their campuses. 

Muslim Student Association
Provides a place for Muslims and non-Muslims to come together and network.  MSA works to increase Muslim awareness at Butler and create understanding and cooperation in the community.

Orthodox Christian Fellowship
Works to experience and witness the Orthodox Christian Church through community life, prayer, service to others, and study of faith.

Voices of Deliverance
This gospel choir provides students with an opportunity to enhance their spirituality.

Young Life
Young life offers a fun, accepting community to be part of while exploring or deepening your faith.