Programs for Leadership and Service Education

Meet the AOC returning student leaders!

AOC coordinators help plan and facilitate the Ambassadors of Change program. During the summer, the coordinators help decide the program components and plan different aspects of the schedule.  The 2013 student coordinators are Evan Zahn and Emily Seibert.

AOC team builders (everyone else below) are returning students who participated in the AOC program when they were new students.  In pairs, they lead a small group of new students throughout the week.  While AOC ambassadors will have the chance to meet close to 90 new friends, the two team builders in their small group will be right there all week to answer questions and lead the way!

Zahn -Seibert Hastings Dawson

Evan Zahn- Senior
Major: Pharmacy
Hometown: Sharpsville, IN

Random Fact: "I don't like chocolate"

Emily Seibert - Senior
Majors: Elementary Education 
Hometown: Valparaiso, IN

Random Fact: "I have been to 12 different countries in the last 9 months!"

Abbie Hastings - Senior
Major: Physician Assistant Studies
Hometown: Glen Ellyn, IL

Random Fact: "I have an extra vertebrae" 

Alex Petersen (not pictured) - Sophomore
Majors: Economics & Finance
Hometown: Woodstock, IL

Random Fact: "I have gray hair at 20"

Bryant Dawson- Junior
Majors: Science Technology & Society Minor: Spanish 
Hometown: Evansville, IN

Random Fact: "Some day I hope to be a doctor in Space!"

Courtney Dubay (not pictured)- Senior
Major: Communication Disorders & Spanish
Hometown: Troy, MI

Random Fact: I am afraid of squirrels, cats, small rodents , extremely large dogs, and extremely small dogs.  

Schmicker Chris Thompson & Amanda Rasch Clark -Hittepole

Caleb Schmicker- Sophomore
Major: Chemistry 
Hometown: Winamac, IN

Random Fact: "I was chosen to be a contestant on the Price is Right when they came to Butler in the Fall"

Alyssa Setnar (not pictured)-Junior
Major: Motorsports Engineering & Physics
Hometown: Columbus, OH

Random Fact: "I have been abroad traveling Europe for the past 3 months!"

Chris Thompson - Senior 
Major: Psychology
Hometown: Glen Ellyn, IL  

Random Fact: "I am a leap day baby."  

Amanda Rasch - Senior 
Major: Psychology Minor: Spanish 
Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI

Random Fact: "I volunteered my time in Haiti for spring break!"

Taylor Clark - Junior
Major: Economics & Finance
Hometown: Shaker Heights, OH

Random Fact: "I love the outdoors!" 

Courtney Hittepole - Sophomore 
Major: Psychology, Sociology Minor: Social Work and Social Policy 
Hometown: Troy, Ohio

Random Fact: "My last name is Hittepole, like Hit-A-Car, Hit-A-Tree, Hit-A-Pole.... I'm so clumsy that I've lived up to my name on multiple occasions!"

Peterson _Di Vincenzo Katelyn & Aaron Hannah -Cianci

Dan Peterson - Senior 
Majors: PharmD and MBA
Hometown: Schererville, IN

Random Fact: "I teach a group fitness cycling course at the HRC"

Jenny DiVincenzo - Sophomore
Major: Elementary Education 
Hometown: Wilmette, IL

Random Fact: "I'm a triplet" 


Katelyn Sussli - Sophomore
Major: Exploratory Studies
Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio

Random Fact: "I've met Ben Stiller while he was filming Night at the Museum II"   

Aaron Harrison - Senior 
Majors: Religion, Psychology, Political Science (undeclared)
Hometown: Sellersburg, IN

Random Fact: "I have been attacked by wild monkeys not once, but twice, in my lifetime"

Karina Hamamouche (not pictured) - Senior
Majors: Psychology & French
Hometown: Westfield, IN

Random Fact: "My dad is from Algeria!"

Hannah Cianci- Sophomore
Major: Chemistry (ACS) Pre-Med
Hometown: Naperville, IL

Random Fact: "I LOVE EMINEM"

Ediger Molly Swigart & Ridge Parks

Emily Kile (not pictured) - Senior 
Major: English & Strategic Communication
Hometown: Greenfield, IN

Random Fact: "I've been to almost every MLB stadium in North America!" 

David Ediger - Sophomore 
Major: Undecided/Pre-Medicine 
Hometown: Naperville, IL 

Random Fact: "I play rugby!"

Molly Swigart - Junior
Major: Political Science & Journalism
Hometown: Laura, OH

Random Fact: "I really like to make puns."

Ridge Parks - Sophomore
Major: Exploratory Business
Hometown: Winamac, Indiana

Random Fact: "I have broken five bones and torn my ACL."

Lauren Ezell (not pictured)- Senior  
Majors: Marketing & Spanish
Hometown: Greenwood, IN

Random Fact: "I broke my toe at last year's fall concert getting on the stage while Smashmouth was playing."

Ryan Love (not pictured)- Senior
Major: Strategic Communication
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Random Fact: "I have two different size legs."