Programs for Leadership and Service Education

Advisor Expectations Checklist

Listed below are some expectations which can be negotiated between student leaders and their advisor. This form is designed to help advisors and officers arrive at a clear and mutually agreed upon advisor role. The advisor and the officers of the organization should rank the following items (from 1-5, with 1 being an essential duty of the advisor and 5 being absolutely not an advisor's duty) and then meet to compare answers and discuss any differences. For items that are determined not to be the responsibility of the advisor, it is important to establish whose responsibility it will be.

Advisor Expectations Checklist (PDF)

___ Attend all general meetings
___ Attend all executive meetings
___ Call meeting with the executive committee when believed to be necessary
___ Explain University policy when relevant to the discussion
___ Explain University policy to the entire group at least once a year
___ Depend on the officers to observe the University policy throughout their term
___ Meet with the chief student leaders before each meeting
___ Help the chief student leader or other officers prepare an agenda before each meeting
___ Speak up during discussion when the advisor thinks the group may make a poor decision
___ Be quiet during the general meeting unless called upon
___ Exert influence with officers between meetings
___ Take an active part in formulating the goals of the group
___ Initiate ideas for discussion when the advisor believes they will be helpful to the group
___ Be one of the group, except for voting and holding office
___ Attend all group activities, meetings, events, etc.
___ Request to see the treasurer's books at the end of each semester
___ Check all the secretary's minutes before they are written in a formal manner
___ Check all official correspondence before it is sent
___ Get a copy of all official correspondence
___ Be a custodian of all group paraphernalia, records, etc. during the summer and between officer transitions
___ Keep the official files of the organization
___ Inform the group of the group infractions of their bylaws, codes, and standing rules
___ Make the group aware of its stated objectives when planning events
___ Veto a decision when it violates a stated objective, the bylaws, or University policy
___ Mediate interpersonal conflicts that may arise
___ Be responsible for planning leadership skills workshops
___ Let the group work out its problems; allow for mistake and "doing it the hard way"
___ Insist on an evaluation of each activity by those students responsible for planning it
___ Take the initiative in developing teamwork and cooperation among officers
___ Let the group thrive or decline on its own; do not interfere unless requested
___ Represent the group in any conflicts with members of the University Staff
___ Be familiar with University resources and procedures that affect group activities
___ Recommend programs, speakers, etc.
___ Take an active part in the orderly transition of responsibilities between old and new officers at the end of the year
___ Cancel any activities when you believe they have been inadequately planned, violate University rules, or are unsafe

Adapted from Student Activities at the University of Florida