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International Living Unit

International Living Unit 2014

The International Living Unit will be in A1 wing in ResCo.  The Unit may be expanded to include University Terrace depending on interest.

Information Session, Monday*, February 10, 2014 at 7pm in the ResCo dining hall.

*The ad poster says Tuesday, February 10, but the information session on MONDAY, February 10 


International Unit Application ~ Due February 21, 2014


The purpose of the Unit is to pair up international exchange students (usually here for a semester) with domestic students who want to have the experience of rooming with someone from another country, and who can help them integrate themselves into the Butler community.

The Unit is designed to be mutually beneficial to both the domestic student and the international student. We hope that each of you will be excited to learn from each other and create a friendship from living together. It is a very unique opportunity that will enhance your college experience and give you a different perspective on the world.

If you have any interest in studying abroad, this is a wonderful way for you to learn how to interact with different cultures, and to get an exchange student's perspective on traveling and living abroad. If your Major will require you to work with other countries in the future, this is a great way to build cultural awareness at an early stage. Or if you are just interested in learning about other countries and cultures, this is the Unit for you!

For more information on the International Living Unit in ResCo or UT, contact Hillary Zorman, Associate Director of International Student Services,, 317.940.9888, AU004 with any questions you have.



What if I want to study abroad next year? ~ Show Answer


The students in the International Unit will be primarily one-semester exchange students. If you would like to study abroad in the fall and live in the Unit in the spring, fill out the application now and we will hold a spot for you and a spring incoming exchange student. If you want to study abroad in the spring, you can room with a fall incoming exchange student (who may possibly be from the country in which you want to study abroad) and both of you will leave at the same time.

How many international students will be in a ResCo suite? ~ Show Answer

If you are chosen to live in the Unit, you will be paired with an international exchange student or two (one per semester). Your suitemates will be either two domestic students, or one domestic student and one exchange student depending on numbers.

How will the roommates be chosen? ~ Show Answer

Roommates will be chosen based on several factors:

First, the preference form you fill out with the Residence Life Office will help us understand what type of general roommate you would like.

Second, we will look at you Unit application and take into account your preferred countries and the languages you speak, if any.

Third, during the interview we will ask you about any additional preferences you have so that we can have a comprehensive idea of who would match with you best.


Can I room/share a suite with my friend(s)? ~ Show Answer

We will take you preferences in consideration when choosing your roommate/suitemate. However, we cannot guarantee that you will be placed with your desired American roommates. Also, anyone who does not apply to be in the international unit will not be considered for your roommate/suitemate.

We know that your first priority is the international student that you will be placed with, and we hope that you take only that into consideration when applying for the International Unit.

When is the application due? ~ Show Answer

The online application for the 2014/2015 academic year is due on Friday, February 21, 2014

International Unit Application

When are the interviews? ~ Show Answer

The interviews for the 2014/2015 academic year are TBD.

When do I move in? ~ Show Answer

You will move in as per the usual schedule given by the Residence Life staff. Just know that your International student will already be there.

Do I have to live in the Unit both semesters? ~ Show Answer

Ideally, yes! Hopefully, you will want to not only stay the entire year, but have an international exchange student as a roommate during your junior year as well!

However, if you are with a one-semester exchange student and you decide after the semester is over that you would prefer not to continue; depending on ResCo's room availability, it is possible for you to leave the International Unit in the spring.


For more information on the International Living Unit in ResCo or UT, contact Hillary Zorman, Associate Director of International Student Services,, 317.940.9888, AU004 with any questions you have.


You may want to consider being a Diversity Ambassador for fall International Orientation as well!