International Student Services Office

                       Immigration Workshop Descriptions

Workshop Topics:  Maintaining F-1 Student Status, Getting Settled (optional): Social Security Number & Driver's License, Know Your Immigration Documents, Working on an F-1 Student Visa, Traveling on an F-1 Student Visa, Graduating on an F-1 Visa

                          **Allow 1 hour for Single Workshops and 1.5 hours for Dual Workshops**




You MUST attend one workshop for each topic within your first academic semester (Getting Settled is optional). If you do not attend at least one of each, you will have an academic hold on your record and will not be able to access your grades at the end of the semester.

Below you will find the descriptions of all the Immigration Workshops. When you are ready, click on the signup icon below the description () to access our submittable reservation form. Please fill out the form and click 'submit' after choosing ALL events you are able to attend. We will then contact you with more details. You MUST signup for events in order to participate!

**If you sign up for a Mandatory Immigration Workshop and you will not be able to attend, you must give 24 hour notice (no less) in order to be excused, otherwise, you are expected to be there. If you do not give 24 hour notice and do not attend, you will have an academic hold put on your record for fall 2013 for not completing all workshops, and you will have to complete the skipped workshop over the summer.**


Immigration Workshops:


October Workshops:


10/09 Know
Your Immigration Documents, 9:30am

Graduating on an F-1 Visa,5pm

Working on an F-1 Student Visa, 1pm


10/21 Working on an F-1 Visa/ Maintaining F-1 Status,

10/23 Maintaining
F-1 Student Status,9:30am

10/27 Traveling on an F-1 Visa/ Maintaining F-1 Status,


10/28 Know
Your Immigration Documents,1:30pm

10/30 Working on an F-1 Visa/ Graduating on an F-1 Visa,3pm

November Workshops:

11/4 Traveling

on an F-1 Student Visa,5:30pm

11/6 Maintaining
F-1 Student Status, 9:30am

11/11 Graduating
on an F-1 Visa,9:30am


11/17 Working
on an F-1 Student Visa,7pm

11/19 Graduating
on an F-1 Visa,1pm

 11/13 Traveling on an F-1 Visa/ Know
Your Immigration Docs,4pm

Getting Settled: Social Security Number and Driver's License (Attendance Optional)

This workshop is specifically designed for incoming international students. We will address any questions you have about obtaining an Indiana driver's license and what you need to obtain a SSN in the U.S.




Workshop: Know Your Immigration Documents

This workshop will explain all the important information and function of your immigration documents as well as how you will utilize them to get a SSN, driver's license and job. Your documents may change or increase over the course of your studies. It is very important that you understand what your documents can do for you...and how much they cost if you lose them.



Workshop: Maintaining F-1 Student Status

We will be discussing topics such as full-time student status, leave of absences and visa extensions. Much of what is discussed in this workshop is information that you will need throughout your academic career as an F-1 student.



Workshop: Traveling on an F-1 Student Visa

Find out what you need to do before you leave the US, before you leave the US. Make sure you have all the documents you need and that you are prepared to re-enter the US with ease. Also, how easy is it to travel within the US? Find out!



Workshop: Working on an F-1 Student Visa

There are three main types of authorized employment for F-1 students: on-campus, OPT, and CPT. Learn when and how you are eligible for each type of employment as well as what you will need to provide to the OISS to be approved for each type of employment.



Workshop: Graduating on an F-1 Visa

Do NOT wait until after graduation to figure out what you are going to do next. By then it will be too late. Learn what your options are after graduation and be prepared for your future. After the workshop you will know what you can do after graduation, have all your questions answered, and have a better idea of what your next step will be.



Immigration Workshop Exemption

OISS has created a list of questions based on the information in the workshops. If you can answer ALL the questions correctly (47 out of 47), OISS will excuse you from all the workshops. There is a generous time limit (30 days) but just remember that afterward you may still be required to complete the workshops.

If you are interested in completing the immigration questions, please email a request to Valerie Davidson and the link to the questions will be sent to you.