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Diversity Ambassadors are domestic and international students at Butler who are dedicated to promoting and enhancing diversity on campus and in the Indianapolis community. One of the main aspects of the Diversity Ambassador's role is to be a contact and mentor for the incoming international students. This year we have 23 students who are dedicated to making your arrival, orientation and first semester as smooth as possible. Take time to read about the Diversity Ambassadors, and do not hesitate to contact them over the summer.

Learn more about the Diversity Ambassadors and read their advice to you by selecting the 'Show Info.' link below their photos!

Abby Miller

Abby Miller (3rd Year as a DA) ~ Show Info

Meet Abby:

I am a senior English Lit major. I also study French and Strategic Communication. I'm involved in Greek life at Butler and I work downtown, so I'm always up for exploring Indianapolis and getting involved. Other than that, I read a lot and pretend to be good at yoga with my roommates.

Abby's advice to you:

My advice is to take advantage of every opportunity at Butler. We have some really cool, cheap trips that are offered to students that take you to awesome places. And join organizations! That's seriously the best way to meet other students and get involved on campus. Indy is a great place, get ready to have so much fun!

Hayley Jones

Hayley Jones (3rd Year as a DA) ~ Show Info

Meet Hayley:

I will be a senior this fall, (scary!!) in my last year of undergraduate study for Speech Pathology. I am a yoga instructor at the gym here on Butler's campus so feel free to come to classes if you chose to get a gym membership! I also am a General Manager of a program called College Mentors for Kids, which is an incredible program that works with children from Indianapolis. I've worked with the incoming international students for 2 years now and always look forward to the beginning of the year for this reason. I love to have fun and be silly, sing, travel, and be outdoors.

Hayley's advice to you:

Seize every moment that comes your way! Most of you are only here for one semester and this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to explore the culture behind the US- so take every chance you get to do so! We love meeting you guys and learning from you too! In other words- YOLO! (Kidding, kidding.) See you soon!

Daniel ADAN

Daniel Adan ~ Show Info

Meet Daniel:

Hey! My name is Daniel Adan and I am currently a junior at Butler University. My main studies at Butler are Biology and French. I love being a part of the "Butler Bubble" and everything that goes on within it. I am currently the vice president of the men's club volleyball team, and when I am not studying for Biology and French, my time is spent playing volleyball and hanging out with friends. We like to venture into downtown Indianapolis or simply go to Broad Ripple and grab something to eat.

Daniel's advice to you:

One piece of advice I will offer is to embrace the change and learn what it means to be a Bulldog! Being a part of a new culture, environment and new people is the best way to discover oneself and conquer new challenges. Don't let the fear of change keep you from doing something you might end up loving. 


Tricia Barton ~ Show Info

Meet Tricia:

I will be an incoming sophomore and I am majoring in Journalism and French and minoring in International Studies. On campus, I am Chairman of College of Republicans and in the community of Indianapolis I love to stay involved by volunteering and always trying new things. For fun I love to try new cuisines, go running on the canal, bike on the Monon Trail, and be with my friends.

Tricia's advice to you:

The biggest advice I could give is be true to yourself but always be willing to try new things!

Elizabeth HAMILTON

Elizabeth Hamilton ~ Show Info

Meet Elizabeth:

I am a senior majoring in Science, Technology, and Society, and Spanish with a minor is Biology. On campus, I am involved in the Butler University Student Foundation, honors program, and Alpha Chi Omega. Off campus, I work at a summer camp and volunteer at the Julian Center. In my free time, I like to watch movies, go to concerts, and hang out in Broad Ripple.

Elizabeth's advice to you:

My one piece of advice would be to enjoy every single day here and do things you never thought you would do. This semester abroad is all about memories, so don't let any opportunities pass you by!



Abby Lehman ~ Show Info

Meet Abby:

I am going into my Senior and final year at Butler, and I am double majoring in Business Marketing and Spanish.  Although school work keeps me pretty busy, I still love being involved in clubs and activities on Butler's campus such as: Dance Marathon, Special Events Committee, Blue II's Crew, and the Dawg Pound. I am also an active member and have held positions in my sorority, Delta Gamma.  With my sorority, I volunteer in the community at the Indianapolis School for the Blind and Visually Impaired.  In my free time I enjoy spending time and socializing with my friends, exercising, shopping, going out to eat, and going to the movies.  I just came back from studying abroad in Spain, so traveling is something that interests me so much more now than ever- I want to see everything! 

Abby's advice to you:

My one piece of advice for any student would be to keep an open mind and take advantage of the things Butler has to offer.  If it's a club or activity to climbing the high ropes course to taking a walk through the beautiful Holcomb Gardens, Butler has something for everyone!  Enjoy this experience because it will be one to remember for your entire life!


Rithvi Melanta ~ Show Info

Meet Rithvi:

Hello! My name is Rithvi and I am a junior studying Chemistry with minors in Spanish and Business.  This year, I am on the executive board for two student organizations, Dance Marathon and Help Heal Haiti.  I'm also a part of my sorority, Alpha Phi, and currently work at Butler's Information Technology Help Desk (if you have computer issues, I can help!).  For fun, I love to play tennis and enjoy hanging with my friends! 

Rithvi's advice to you:

My advice: Pack lightly!  There'll be so many things you will want to bring back home with you not only from Butler, but from other places you will visit throughout the semester/year.

Joel Fuller

Joel Fuller ~ Show Info

Meet Joel:

I'm a sophomore and an Art + Design Major.

All of my activities that I'm involved with are on campus. My sport related activity that I'm involved in is being on the Butler Club Tennis Team. I'm also a member of the Internship and Career Services student advisory board so if you have any questions or concerns about internships you can come talk to me.

On a lazy day you can never go wrong with playing video games and drawing. I enjoy going to HRC and working and playing basketball with friends, but what I really like to do is catch up on my sleep. You can never have too much sleep in college believe me you need a lot of sleep in college.

Joel's advice to you:

Just be yourself don't try to be someone your not just to fit in with a group of people.

Mariah Park

Mariah Park ~ Show Info

Meet Mariah:

Hi! My name is Mariah Park. I'm originally from Austin Texas, and am currently a sophomore majoring in biology and psychology at Butler University. In my free time I like to keep pretty active. I am a member of the Butler women's lacrosse team, Timmy Global Health (which focuses on spreading and providing medical relief internationally), Bulldogs Against Breast Cancer, and the Alpha Chi Omega sorority. I also enjoy drawing and listening to music and am always up for new suggestions and trying new things!

Mariah's advice to you:

One piece of advice I have for incoming students is to maintain an open mind about everything. It is difficult to start up in a completely new place, but being open and willing to explore the campus, try new things, and talk to a variety of people is extremely helpful in making Butler feel like home. Going to events such as block party (which tells you about and lets you sign up for the various clubs on campus) are great ways to jump into college life.

Bria Carter

Bria Carter ~ Show Info

Meet Bria:

I am an incoming junior studying International Business and Spanish.

At Butler I am a Morton Finney Scholar, which entails lots of community service projects around Indianapolis.  My favorite service project is Coats for Kids at the Indiana State Fairgrounds.  My family and I supply new or gently used winter wear to kids all around Indy. I am most heavily involved in the Christian Coalition Organization here at Butler.  I serve as the marketing officer for the organization, meaning I spread the word about the organization through social media or flyers around campus.  Almost every day of the week I spend about two hours at a local middle school mentoring students and tutoring Math and English. 

I love anything involving music and food! Indianapolis always has really cheap summer concerts and I almost always go! There are also really awesome local hip-hop artists that I try to support whenever possible.  Broad Ripple is the best place for little holes in the wall, restaurants that you'd never notice unless suggested by a friend.  I love finding new places to eat, my favorites being Mexican or Italian food. 

Bria's advice to you:

One piece of advice: get involved! The first few weeks of school are all about getting new students to interact with all types of people on campus.  Take advantage and scope out the organizations that cater to your interests and have fun!!

Kyle Graden

Kyle Graden (2nd Year as a DA) ~ Show Info

Meet Kyle:

I am a senior International Business and Spanish double major. I am highly involved on campus, including Greek life, business clubs, Spanish club, the honors program, and I work as a tutor in the Speakers Lab. For fun I like to spend time with friends and enjoy Butler's beautiful outdoors. I studied abroad Fall 2012 in Spain and am interning in Shanghai, China summer 2013.

Kyle's advice to you:

My advice for new students to campus is to get involved in an organization on campus; it's a great way to meet people and make friends!

Connor Mahon

Connor Mahon ~ Show Info

Meet Connor: or

Hey! I'm Connor and I'm going to be a sophomore in the fall. I'm from a small suburb just outside of Boston, Massachusetts. I am double majoring in Strategic Communication (concentration in Public Relations) and MRC (Film Studies). I'm pursuing two minors in Gender Studies and International Relations. I am a member of PRSSA (Public Relations Student Society of America) and ADrenaline (Advertising Club). I am a brother of Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity. And I serve on the student conduct and appeals board.

I love heading over to Broad Ripple Village to hang out with friends, eat some delicious foods and simply relax from schoolwork. Also, if you are into city life, as I am, downtown Indianapolis is only a 10-minute drive. There are multiple destinations for fun, such as restaurants, local events, and places to visit and tour.

I am a huge sports fan. My favorite sports to play and watch are ice hockey, soccer, basketball and lacrosse. Although I have not been able to participate in club/intramural sports due to injuries, that does not mean they are not amusing. We have a wide range of intramural sports, if you are looking for a fun sporting activity to do with friends.

Connor's advice to you:

My biggest piece of advice is do not have any expectations. Anything can happen and if you keep your mind open while you are here, the greatest things will happen to you!

Dakota Speck

Dakota Speck (2nd Year as a DA) ~ Show Info

Meet Dakota: 

Hey! My name is Dakota Speck. I am in my third year at Butler and am studying biology and Spanish. I am involved in many activities around campus such as Butler University Dance Marathon and Butler Pre-Medical Society. In my spare time I like to hang out with friends, watch movies, and go to sporting events.

Dakota's advice to you:

When you get here don't be afraid to try new things, even if they may seem a little intimidating. The international students from this past year that had the most fun were the ones that got the most involved. I can't wait to meet you all soon!


Aimee Green ~ Show Info

Meet Aimee:

Hi! My name is Aimee and I'm a junior International Business and Marketing major. I'm originally from Cincinnati which is about an hour and a half from Indianapolis. I'm in a sorority at butler, Pi Beta Phi. In Pi Phi I'm the Vice President of Communications. Also I'm on SGA's Public Relations board as a New Media Chair. For fun I like to go to other Greek house events. I also love to go grab a bite to eat in Broad Ripple especially at the Broad Ripple Bagel Deli and Noodles. And movies! I love movies! I spend a lot of time watching action and comedies. And a lot of time watching sitcoms like "How I met your Mother" and "New Girl". Other than that I like to hang out with my friends and do just about anything.

Aimee's advice to you:

My one piece of advice for incoming students is don't be nervous and keep an open mind, Americans are friendly I promise.

Jacob Townsend

Jacob Townsend ~ Show Info

Meet Jacob:

Year: Sophomore

Major: Accounting

Activities: I am a member of the University Marching and Basketball bands, and a member of the band service organization Tau Beta Sigma.

What I do for fun: I love to go to the Butler Basketball games whenever I'm not playing in the band, and I love just hanging out around campus with my friends, especially out on the mall when the weather is nice, as well as watching movies and playing campus golf.

Jacob's advice to you:

My advice to incoming students would be to get involved on campus as soon as you can. It's a great way to meet friends and feel much more comfortable around campus.