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Thank you for your interest in Butler University's Family Dinner Program for international students. Butler has over 150 international students from 60 countries. They come to the United States not just to study, but to learn as much as they can about us. Nationally, only about twenty percent of international students enter an American home during their stay in this country. Yet, being part of a family is one of the best ways of really learning a culture and of dispelling myths and prejudices about it. By opening your home to a student, you will be contributing to international understanding. You will also have a lot of fun. Hosting a student from another country is the next best thing to traveling there yourself.


We ask students and host families to share a meal together four times during the academic year--usually twice in the fall semester and twice in the spring semester. Some families and students will want to get together more frequently--that is for you to work out as your schedules permit. If possible, we ask your family to attend a brief orientation session to discuss cross-cultural communication before you meet your student.


Butler's international students usually range in age from 18 to their late twenties. Some will be shy; some gregarious. Some will arrive with excellent oral English, while some may need help in understanding how we handle invitations and social situations--but that is all part of the learning. Hosting works best when you simply include the student in your ordinary family activities or adventures--apple-picking, trick-or-treating, a school holiday concert, sledding or skating, or an Easter egg hunt. Some students like to cook and might be delighted with an invitation to shop for ingredients and use your kitchen to cook a meal "like mother used to make". All would appreciate an occasional phone call, e-mail or "goodie bag" handmade good luck card around finals. What you do is really up to you and your student--ask lots of questions, be prepared to answer just as many, and enjoy one another's company.

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