College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
International Studies

Sholeh Shahrohki


Assistant Professor of Anthropology

Department of History and Anthropology

Phone: (317) 940-8535 

Research Areas

Her research projects in Iran, France, United Kingdom and the United States have focused on the formation of values and norms among Iranian youth - particularly with respect to topics of sexuality and politics of gender. Her graduate and post-graduate research projects seek to ask questions about the ways in which collective identities are forged and contested current political economy of the globe. Her writing on ethnographic research in Iran aims to bring forth mechanisms for negotiating representation of population, as well as the range of strategies for contesting rules of inclusion/exclusion of people. In addition to the study of visual representation in/of the Islamic Republic of Iran, she has conducted research on a number of projects including: alternative lifestyles among young Iranians in the US (1994), spatial claims, border-crossing, and resistance to urban violence as experienced by marginal populations such as teen-runaway females in Tehran, Iran (2000-2005), re-evaluation of martyrdom and sacrifice in the post-war Iranian cinema (2007-2009); the burgeoning trends in cosmetic surgery and shifting ideals of masculinity and conceptions of beauty (2005-2009); politics of intervention, humanitarian wars and rhetoric of rescue; sexuality and body politics in street protest (2009-2010); the embodiment of art and aesthetics in political protests - e.e. the Iranian green movement (2012-2013).

Courses Taught

AN 326 - Youth and Conflict in Global Cinema
AN 320 - Gender and Sexuality through Globalization
AN 311 - Trespass: Anthropology of Difference