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International Studies

Robert Oprisko

Visiting Assistant Professor of International Studies

International Studies Program

Phone: (317) 940-8630

Academic Focus

Areas of Expertise 

Political Theory, Continental Philosophy, Existentialism, Axiology, Honor and Rebellion, Military Theory, International Relations Theory, Group Dynamics (Formation and Dissolution), Fanaticism: Zeal and Spite, Total Social Fact

Research Interests

Political Theology, International Relations Theory, Political Philosophy, Political Theory, Political Sociology, Sociology of Conflict, International Relations, Machiavelli, Politics and Literature, Ideology, Military Science, Continental Philosophy, Contemporary Political Theory, Hermeneutics, Political Science, Critical Theory, Conflict and Conflict Resolution, Violence, Disaster Management, History of Political Thought, Politics and Religion, and Marxist-Leninist Military Science.

Robert Oprisko's research examines the relationship of the individual to the group in order to show the social tensions that develop into political relationships. He emphasizes both the actors and the levels of analysis with exceptional rigor using Bentley's Methodology. His works on honor, dignity, authenticity, and rebellion examine the mechanics of status quo and maintenance (continuity) and revision (change).


Education and Experience


Political Theory from Purdue University, PhD (2011)

International Relations from Purdue University, MA (2008)

Political Science from Indiana State University, MS (2007)

International Affairs from Indiana University, BA (2002)


Has taught at Stanford University, Mt. Holyoke, Purdue, Indiana State, and John Hopkins




Honor: A Phenomenology, in Innovations in Political Theory, New York, NY and London, UK: Routledge, 2012. 


"The Rebel as Sovereign: Engaging Schmitt vis the Political Theology of Dignity" in Revista Pleyade no. 8 Sovereignty, Representation, and Authority: Current Interpretations of Political Theology, December 2011. 

Data Sets

Political Science Faculty Job Placement by PhD Granting Institutions (Current as of 2011) Posted at Social Science Research Institute, Duke University, Durham, NC. (with Natalie Jackson-Biffle and Nataniel Vaught)


Theory in Action [series] in Between Nations, Asheville, NC: Soomo Publishing, 2011.

"Realism" feat. Randall Schweller (Ohio State University)

"Liberalism" feat. J.D. Bowen (St. Louis University)

"Constructivism" feat. Caleb Gallemore (Ohio State University)

People in the Street [series] in Between Nations, Asheville, NC: Soomo Publishing, 2011.

"What is Power?"

"Should There Be a World Government?"

"Is War Inevitable?"

"Is Peace Possible?"

"What Makes a Country Secure?"


Courses Taught

IS 101: Introduction to International Studies

IS 390: The United Nations and Other Intergovernmental Organizations

IS 470: Topics in International Studies

SW 270: Global Issues in the 21st Century

GHS 203: Modern and Contemporary Europe