College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
International Studies

Requirements for the International Studies Major

Majors in International Studies must complete 42 credit hours, 33 of which must be fulfilled at the 300-level or above.  

I. Core 21 hrs


A. Introduction. Take IS101 and one of the other courses listed.

IS 101 Introduction to International Studies G

PO 141 Introduction to International Politics

PO 151 Introduction to Comparative Politics

SW 205-GE Cultural Geography: Regions of the World

SW 220-EC The Economy and Society

TI 250-RL Religions of the World

B. International Arrangements and Interactions. Two of the following courses:

(two disciplines must be represented)

AN 326 Youth Conflict Global Cinema

JR 417 International Communications

IB 320 International Business Environment (additional pre-requisite: permission of the instructor)

IS 390 United Nations and Other International Organizations

PO 322 International Conflict and Peace Building

SO 355 International Crime

C. Research Methods Course

One of the following research methods course:

PO 201 Research and Analysis

SO 393 Research Methods Seminar

D. International Relations and Diplomacy. One of the following courses:

HST 353 The American Empire

PL 364 Ethics and International Relations

PO 355 US Foreign Policy

PO 320 International Relations

E. Capstone Course (to be taken in the junior or senior year)

IS 410W The Global Society

Pre-requisites: IS 101, another course from A, and at least one 300 level course.

(This course is cross-listed with SO 355 and AN 335)


II. International Studies Area Courses

  1. 18 hrs from two of the following areas (9 hours in each area-two disciplines must be represented.)

1. Africa

FR 334 Intro to Francophone Cultures

FR 485 Topics in Francophone Studies

PO 350 African Politics

2. Asia

AN 329 Japanese Popular Culture

FL 320 Chinese Civilization

RL 353 Buddhism

3. Europe

FR 320 Topics in French and Francophone Cultures

FR 345 France and the Francophone World: 1900 to present

FR 465 20th Century French Novel

FR 475 20th Century French Drama

GR 340 Germany 1871 to the present

GR 342 Major Trends in Modern German Literature

GR 475 Seminar in 20th Century German Literature

HST 322 20th Century Europe

IS 301 Model European Union

SO 333 European Societies

SP 340 Spain: 1700 to the Present

SP 440 Contemporary Spanish Studies

4. Latin America

AN 362 Peoples and Cultures of Latin America

PO 360 Political Regimes in Latin America

SO 331 Latin American Societies

SP 345 Hispanic Masterpieces

SP 355 Spanish-American Culture: South America

SP 360 Hispanic Film (will count when at least 3/4 of content focuses on Latin America)

SP 365 Hispanic Short Story (will count when at least 3/4 of content focuses on Latin America)

SP 370 Topics in Contemporary Hispanic Societies

SP 450 Topics in Spanish-American Studies

SP 460 Topics in 20th Century Spanish-American Studies

5. Foreign Languages

Nine hours at the 300/400 level on one modern foreign language. Classes in French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Chinese are offered at Butler University.  Classes in other languages such as Arabic and Japanese can be taken at other universities in the area.

  1. One elective (3hrs.) to be chosen from the following or any course in I or  II-A above:

AN 320 Gender and Sexuality in Globalization

EC 433 International Economics (Prerequisite or permission of the instructor)

EN 321, 322/421, 422 Comparative World Literature

IB 367 Legal Aspects of International business (additional pre-requisite: permission of instructor)

MK 491 International Marketing (additional pre-req: permission of instructor)

SO 323 Racial and Ethnic Relations

SO 343 Popular Culture: A Comparative Study

III. Special International Studies Courses

May include:

IS 401, 402, and 403- Independent Study in International Studies (1,2, or 3 hours)

IS 404, and 405- Internship in International Studies (3 or 6 hours)

IS 470-Selected Topics in International Studies (3 hrs) pre-requisite: consent of instructor

IS 499- Honors Thesis (3 hrs)

IV. Study Abroad-Highly recommended

Experience abroad is strongly encourages or all International Studies students. This may be in the form of attendance at a foreign college or university, an international internship, independent travel connected with an approved independent stud project, or participation in approved foreign study tour. Credits from those experiences abroad usually count toward fulfilling the requirements of the major or minor.

V. Model United Nations and Model European Union-Highly recommended

International Studies majors can participate in the Model United Nations and the Model European Union. We have participated in the Model United Nations organized by McGill Univeersity in Montreal, and Universty of Toronto, Canada. The in the last three years we have attended the Model UN organized by Harvard University in Boston. The Model European Union is held in Indianapolis. these two events play a very important role in the formation of students interested in international issues, because they learn the rules of negotiation and diplomacy as well as the workings of the United Nations and the European Union. The cost for participating in these events (registration, airfare, and lodging) is covered by the International Studies budget.