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Model United Nations

Harvard National Model United Nations

57th Season

The following International Studies and Political Science students participated in the Harvard National Model United Nations this year in Boston, MA:

  • Kiely  Keesler
  • Matthew Kasper
  • Allison Garner
  • Kelly Hamman
  • Avery Stearman
  • Carmen Murphy
  • Robert Sweeney
  • Aja Cacan
  • Quinn Clark

The Harvard National Model United Nations serves as a forum in which students from colleges around the world can discuss the greatest challenges facing the world today. There are over 3,000 participants representing 35 countries. The Butler University team represented the Dominican Republic.

If you're interested in participating, next year's conference will be February 16-19, 2012! For more information visit the HNMUN website, and contact the International Studies program, at Butler in August of 2011.


McGill Model United Nations Assembly

The McGill Model United Nations Assembly (McMUN) is a simulation of real UN bodies and some multilateral and national bodies that are outside the UN system. McMUN aims at providing every delegate with an experience that help stimulate his/her intellectual skills as well as enhance his/her diplomatic skills. By attending McMUN delegates became more knowledgeable on issues and crisis occurring in different parts of the world. McMUN is Canada's premier university-level model United Nations simulation, bringing together around 1400 students annually. It was held January 26th - 29th, 2006, at Le Centre Sheraton in beautiful downtown Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Montreal, Canada


"The experience I had during the Model UN conference in Montreal this past month was invaluable and a great learning experience. Interacting with my peers from different institutions across North America that were interested and passionate about similar topics as myself was fun and a learning experience. Being involved in a mock conference helped me learn about other cultures of the countries we discussed, some of the important issues of the real UN in more detail, and how to deal with people in a political and respectful manner. This experience also rewarded me with newfound friendships and connections. I had the pleasure of meeting so many new and diverse people that I now have friends across our continent. In addition to meeting new friends, these experiences allowed for me to learn from the distinct culture of Montreal. I have not had a chance to travel much in my life, so traveling and experiencing Montreal's special culture was certainly a privilege. Overall, I would classify my experience with Model UN in Montreal this year as unbelievably valuable and worthwhile."
- Andy Seibert

"I really enjoyed the Model UN in Montreal. I had never participated in one before, so this was a learning experience. It was great to be able to interact with peers from all over the country, and I learned how resolutions are crafted and then passed. Montreal was also a wonderful cultural experience. From what I hear it is very similar to how European countries are built. I had a great time trying out the restaurants and checking out the nightlife."
- Miriam Huck

"I greatly enjoyed my experience at Model UN and learned a great deal about world politics in the process. Visiting a new city was very exciting and participating in the Model UN enabled me to meet like-minded students and positively represent Butler University."
- Jon Keyser

North American Model United Nations

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