College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
International Studies


AN 366 - Peoples and Cultures of Asia
An introduction to selected topics in the society and cultures of East Asia (China, Japan, and Korea), Southeast Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines) and South Asia (the Indian sub-continent). Topics include post-colonialism, transnational processes, family and kinship, world and local religious traditions and ritual practices, economic development, and gender issues.

AN 380 - Men and Women of Asia
This course will explore the multi-ethnic nature of the Chinese state from the ancient time to present. It will cover such topics as the formation of the Han Chinese identity, regional variants of Han culture, foreign communities in medieval China, conquest dynasties, state policies toward the minority groups and ethnic nationalism.

HS 124 - Vietnam
No Description Available

HS 124-4 - Asian Leaders
This course offers a comparative study of the lives, times, visions and legacies of four leaders of twentieth-century Asia
Mahatma Gandhi, Mao Zedong, Ho Chi-Minh, and Sukarno.

HS 358 - Modern Middle Eastern History
A general history of the Middle East from the time of Muhammad to the present.

HS 366 - Modern China
Political and social history of China since the Opium War (1839) with emphasis on the revolutionary upheavals of the 20th century.

RL 351 - Religions of Japan
Introduction to Japanese religious traditions from antiquity to the present. Surveys Buddhism, Shinto, folk religions and new religious movements.

RL 352 - Religions of China
This course examines Buddhism, Taoism, Shinto and other religious traditions and practices of China, Japan and Korea. Topics include classical foundations of East Asian religions; contextualization of religion in response to modernity, globalization, and other factors; religion and family, nationalism, economic development; and responses to death, marriage, childbirth, and aging.

RL - 353 Buddhism
Introduction to the basic concepts, philosophies and practices of Buddhism in South Asia and East Asia from antiquity to the present.

RL 354 - Islam: Religion, Culture, Society
An introduction to Islam origins, sacred texts, world view, culture and society, history and expansion and Islam in the modern world. Origins and sacred texts are emphasized; relative emphasis on other topics varies.