College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
International Studies


FR 334 - Intro to Francophone Cultures
This course is an in-depth introduction to the cultures of the Francophone world. It will introduce students to the historical background, the linguistic characteristics, the literature, music and cinema of areas with a strong Francophone presence. Prerequisite FR 300.

FR 485 - Topics in Francophone Studies
Study of the literatures and/or cultures of French-speaking countries outside of France (Quebec, North Africa, West Africa, Martinique and Guadeloupe, Belgium, etc). Use of literary texts, social documents and movies, depending on topic. Course may be repeated with each different topic. Prerequisite: three years of college French or equivalent.

PO 350 - African Politics
A study of the problems and policies of African states regarding nationalism, national integration, ideologies of development, democratization and stability. Focus on sub-Saharan Africa, although a continent-wide consideration for some topics. Prerequisite: PO 151 or junior standing.