College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
International Studies


AN 360 - Peoples and Cultures of Africa
A study of the rich and diverse cultural traditions of Africa. Topics include
the analysis of stereotypes associated with African cultures; effects of colonialism on contemporary life; religion and cosmology; ecological adaptation; kinship and social organization; the expressive arts; and ethnicity

FR 485 - Topics in Francophone Studies
Study of the literatures and/or cultures of French-speaking countries outside of France (Quebec, North Africa, West Africa, Martinique and Guadeloupe, Belgium, etc). Use of literary texts, social documents and movies, depending on topic. Course may be repeated with each different topic. Prerequisite: three years of college French or equivalent.

HS 320 - History of Africa
A survey, from prehistoric times to the present, with emphasis on development since the 15th century, the slave trade, modern colonization and the new states of the 20th century.

HS 325 - Modern Africa
Contemporary sub-Saharan Africa. Emphasis on nationalism and independence movements and the problems of developing nations in Africa.

PO 350 - African Politics
A study of the problems and policies of African states regarding nationalism, national integration, ideologies of development, democratization and stability. Focus on sub-Saharan Africa, although a continent-wide consideration for some topics. Prerequisite: PO 151 or junior standing.

RL 356 - African and Afro-Caribbean Religions
This course explores religious world-views and spiritual practices indigenous to sub-Saharan Africa, focusing on this religious activity in its original African settings and in the "new world" Caribbean settings into which it was carried.