Office of Institutional Research & Assessment

Instructions for Completing the Administrative Assessment Reporting Template

Step 1: Identify the Departmental/Office Mission Statement. Articulate the broad mission and describe how it relates to the mission of the division and/or University.

Step 2: Clearly State the Goals or Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) of Department/Unit. Goals and SLOs are declarations of the end results you hoped to accomplish. They are more focused than the mission statement. Departmental goals should be specific, measureable, and results-oriented. SLOs should revolve around what students should know, do, and value. In the table, first list 4-6 goals/SLOs that were assessed this year. Additional goals/SLOs that were assessed during previous year should be listed after this year's assessment goals/SLOs.

Step 3: Define the Annual Performance Objectives (APOs) for Each Goal/SLO. APOs describe the specific, actionable, and measurable things that your office did to achieve its goals/SLOs. Often times APOs are not office functions, but describe how you better served your constituents. There will probably be multiple APOs per goal/SLO. The APOs will likely change from year to year.

Step 4: Describe the Assessment Methods. How, when, and where did you assess or evaluate your APOs either quantitatively or qualitatively? Your office should develop assessment procedures to appropriately evaluate each APO. This section should describe the assessment methods that were used to gather information and to measure the APOs, such as surveys, focus groups, or internally collected data. It helps to develop an annual calendar for when to implement these assessment measures and analyze the results.

Step 5: Report Your Results. What were the actual results of the assessment? What did you learn, good or bad? How did you perform in meeting the APOs?

Step 6: Share Improvements Identified or Made. What programmatic changes were identified or made based upon reviewing the assessment results?

Step 7: List the Year this Goal/SLO was Assessed.