Information Technology

Departmental Websites and Web Development - Umbraco

Umbraco is an open source content management (CMS) framework adopted by Butler University in 2009. Butler uses Umbraco to store, manage and display all 150+ college and departmental websites that are part of the main Butler website. It's ease of use enables Web Services to train content managers from each department and enable them to manage their own content.

IT's Web Services team and Marketing & Communications are responsible for Butler's web properties. 


  • Umbraco training page - Visit this page to see example web pages and to watch training videos
  • Please contact Web Services with any questions, comments, or training requests regarding Umbraco
  • Technical Guidelines - Recommendations and suggestions for your Web pages

More about Umbraco

Umbraco is a product from Denmark that was written in the Microsoft .NET code set. Because Butler's official web technology platform is .NET, this makes Umbraco a perfect fit for the University. Umbraco has been adopted by numerous corporations and educational institutions as their CMS of choice. In fact, Microsoft has adopted Umbraco for some of its own websites.