Center for Academic Technology

Digital Video 101

Below are some common questions for those who are just learning about digital video and what it can do to enhance teaching and learning.

What is digital video?

Digital video is the newest standard in video capture, editing and viewing. Unlike traditional analog video that requires tapes and expensive editing equipment, it uses digital formats that are native to computers and is therefore much more accessible and adaptable for a variety of uses. For academic institutions, digital video has the potential to revolutionize the classroom as students and faculty find innovative ways to use it as a tool for instruction, evaluation and reflection.

Who is using digital video at Butler?

During the past few months, the Center for Academic Technology has been collaborating specifically with the College of Education and the College of Pharmacy to provide small room and field-based video recording for students and faculty. We welcome inquiries from others who believe their curriculum might benefit from the integration of video and other technologies into the classroom.

Who are the digital video contacts at Butler?

The Center for Academic Technology works with faculty who want to use digital video in their curriculum.

What are some of the considerations and recommendations for those interested in starting a digital video program?

Video is complex and comes in a lot of shapes and sizes. Video capture, editing and storage are largely dependent on individual or program needs. Faculty are invited to visit the Center for Academic Technology in JH037 -- we have a short-term loan program for video cameras and other rich media tools as well as computer and software resources available for exploration.

What role does copyright play in digital video?

The Library's Copyright & Intellectual Property LibGuide has information and resources to help you evaluate the role of copyright in your use of digital video.