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Getting Started With Office 2011 for Mac

Office 2011 Campus Availability (Faculty & Staff Only)

Office 2011 is the latest version of Microsoft Office for Mac. Office 2011 offers many new features that can help improve ease of use and productivity. As of January 31, 2012, all Butler owned computers are required to run Office 2011.

If you wish to purchase Office 2011 for a personal computer, please visit our Home Use software page.

Essential Resources

The following resources are a must see for anyone new to Office 2011.

Getting Started Resources

Additional Resources

Get Office 2011

Follow the steps below from on campus to install Office 2011. The install could take up to 45 minutes so please plan accordingly. To save time, connect to a wired network port.

  1. Connect to power and close all open applications
  2. Click the Self-Service icon in the dock
  3. Log in with your Butler username/password, or click Log in anonymously
  4. From the categories on the right, click Faculty/Staff
  5. Click Install next to the picture and title Install Microsoft Office 2011 
  6. Do not turn off your computer or allow it to sleep while the installation is in progress. (Install may take up to 45 minutes to install)
  7. Office applications will now be listed in your applications folder
  8. Enjoy Office 2011 

Known Office 2011 Issues at Butler

  • Outlook
    • The first time you launch Outlook you will be prompted to enter your Butler password so Outlook can connect to your BUmail mailbox. You will most likely also see the following message: "Outlook was redirected to the server to get new settings for your account. Do you want to allow this server to configure your settings?"
    • Any time you see this message Check Always use my response for this server and then click Allow.
    • How to set up the Butler Directory so you can search: Go to Tools > Accounts > Select the BUmail Account > Click the Advanced Button > Under Directory Service, Server: enter only > Click OK > Close the Accounts Window > Click the Contact Search Button > Select BUmail Directory from the "In" dropdown box to search the Butler directory.