Information Technology

Office 365 Installation Instructions

  1. Navigate to the software discount page on

  2. Visit Butler's "On the Hub" software store.
  3. If you have never registered for "On the Hub" you will need to register to purchase this software.
    *Your username will be your butler email address with the full
  4. If you log in and do not see any products and receive the message "There are no products available for purchase at this time." Continue to Step 5, if you see Office 365 continue to Step 6.
  5. Navigate to "Your Account/Orders", then "Your Eligibility", then you will need to renew your eligibility and log back into "On the Hub."
  6. Once you reach the receipt page you will see a link to "Start Download" then click on link to "Download"


  7. Next you will be taken to a Microsoft Office page and be asked to sign into your Microsoft Account. If you do not have a Microsoft Account you will need to click on the link to sign up.
  8. After you signup you will be able to continue with the download process. You will be asked to verify you status as a student. You can complete the verification with you Butler email address.

  9. Now you will be able to continue and complete the download. Once the .exe file is downloaded you will be able to double click that file and start the installation.

If you have any trouble with these steps, please send a request to or call in to to the Help Desk at (317) 940-4357.