Information Technology

Network Access and Security

AnyConnect (Remote Network Folder Access - BU Owned Laptops)

AnyConnect, a service that is part of BUconnect, is only available to faculty & staff with Butler-owned laptops. AnyConnect is a downloadable client that allows users to access BUfiles and Outlook as if they were on campus. IT provides troubleshooting services for any problem you are experiencing regarding AnyConnect.

Eligibility: Butler faculty and staff.

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BUconnect (Remote Network Folder Access)

BUconnect enables access to BUfiles from anywhere in the world. IT can assist with any problems connecting or transferring files to and from BUconnect.

Eligibility: All butler users.

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Guest Wireless

Visitors of Butler can connect to BU Guest/Open Wireless in most areas of campus. Come August 2012 guest wireless requires a login from the Butler guest wireless web portal which is either self-created or with assistance from IT. IT can also assist you with getting connected to guest wireless.

Eligibility: Butler guests/visitors.

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Network Storage (BUfiles)

BUfiles is secure online network storage to save your documents and other files. The Help Desk provides assistance connecting to personal folders and shared file folders on Butler servers. IT can increase quotas when warranted for academic purposes.

Eligibility: All Butler users.

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Symantec Endpoint Protection

Butler University provides free Symantec Endpoint Protection, which is antivirus, spyware, and malware software, to all students and is provided on all Butler owned PC's and Mac's. IT provides assistance with installation and instruction for removing viruses and spyware using the software. Visit our Symantec page for more information

Eligibility: Butler students.

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Wireless/Wired Connection (BU Secure Wireless)

The Butler network is available via ethernet and wireless.  Wireless is available in most areas of campus including outdoors.  IT provides assistance with getting connected to the wireless and wired networks including: confirming device requirements, registering of devices, technical assistance, and testing network ports.

Gaming Consoles: Connect your gaming console via Ethernet or BU Guest/Open Wireless to gain network access while on your console.

Eligibility: All Butler users.

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