Information Technology

Printing to a Butler Printer from a COPHS Mobile Computer

In order to print to a Butler printer from a COPHS mobile tablet the PrintSmart client must be installed.  You must install the PrintSmart client software on your tablet PC when you are on campus.

How to Install on a COPHS Mobile Tablet

  1. Connect to the Butler network via wireless or wired connection and ensure you are able to access the Internet
  2. From Internet Explorer, click this link: \\\PCClient\Win.
  3. If prompted, enter your Butler username and password; ex: BUTLER\username
  4. Click Run when prompted and skip to step 6
  5. Note: If the install doesn't start, you will need to manually navigate to the installer.
    1. Manual Install: Click Start and go to Run (Windows XP) or go to Computer (Windows 7 & Vista)
    2. In the Search Box, type \\\PCClient\Win and then press the Enter key
    3. Double-click Client-Local-Install.exeYou must install the client from inside this folder, otherwise it will not work. DO NOT drag the file to your desktop and then install
  6. Accept the EULA
  7. Leave the installation Path as is
  8. Choose "Local Install (For all Users)" when asked
  9. When the install is complete, ensure "Launch client and verify my identity" is checked and click Finish
  10. Enter your Butler username and password in the login window and ensure "Remember my identity" is checked
  11. The PrintSmart client window will now be in the upper right corner of your desktop and the PrintSmart icon will be in the system tray. The PrintSmart client must be running in order for you to print to a computer lab printer
  12. If you do not already have printers added, you will need to add a Butler printer.

Adding Printers to a COPHS Mobile Computer

  1. Ensure you have installed the PrintSmart client via directions above.
  2. Click the Start menu (Windows 7) or click Start and go to Run (Windows XP)
  3. Type  \\buprint into the search bar in the start menu and press the Enter key (Windows XP users will need to type in the open dialog box)
  4. If prompted, enter your Butler username and password; ex: BUTLER\username
  5. In the window that appears, double-click on the printer you wish to install. Printers are named according to the building and room in which they are located. For instance, Starbucks is "AU_starbucks", Atherton Computer Lab is "AU_lab_1", and Irwin Library Lab is "IL_120_K". Find the locations and queue names for printers  here.
  6. On Windows 7 you may be warned about installing a driver. Install the driver.
  7. Once you add a printer, you will not have to re-add it again (unless you manually remove it from your printer list)