Information Technology

Software Updates on Butler Owned Windows Computers

This page contains information about automatic update settings on Butler computers with the Microsoft Windows operating system. Automatic updates will normally be applied once a month.

  1. When updates are available, a notification will appear near the clock in the system tray. Click the icon to immediately install the updates.
  2. If you do not install the updates on your own they will be applied automatically overnight and your machine will be rebooted.

Always Log Off (not lock) your computer when you leave for the day. Updates that install overnight will most likely require a system reboot.

Update Process Overview

In order to keep Butler's systems secure, it is necessary to apply software updates to most computers on a regular basis. All updates go through a testing process to mitigate the impact to end users. Updates will be applied on a monthly basis unless the severity of an update requires otherwise.

The process:

  1. Critical updates are downloaded and tested by IT
  2. After testing, updates are published to all Butler computers
  3. In the days following, all computers will receive the updates and notify the logged on user that they are ready to install. If no user is logged on, the computer will install the updates and reboot automatically overnight. If a user is logged on, they will get a warning before the system reboots.