Information Technology

Software Installation Standards and Procedure

Information Technology Computer Lab and Classroom Software Installation Request Standards and Procedure

Procedure General Standards:

Information Technology maintains the hardware and software in all campus computer labs and technology-mediated classrooms. The standards and procedure outlined in this document govern any requests for new software in these locations. This document is meant to augment the Computer Use Master Policy and the Hardware and Software Support Guidelines published by Information Technology. Please refer to these documents for additional information.

  • All requests for new software installations must be made through the Center for Academic Technology and directed to Julianne Miranda, Senior Director of Center for Academic Technology via email to Faculty should prepare a Software Installation Request Form and the supporting materials outlined on the form and in this document.
  • All requests will be given a Service Request number (SR#).
  • To receive a service request number, the Center for Academic Technology must have:
    • Copies of the installation media
    • Copies of the installation instructions
    • Copies of the license key and license terms
  • All requests must be approved by the Center for Academic Technology before being assigned to a technician
  • The request may be denied if:
    • An insufficient number of licenses is supplied
    • The software is known to interfere with other applications or the Butler Network
    • The requesting faculty/staff member will not be available to test the software before distribution to the lab


  1. All requests must be turned in at least two weeks prior to the date needed for use.
  2. Obtain the Installation Request form
  3. Complete installation materials and return to the Center for Academic Technology (JH037).
  4. A Service Request, recording all pertinent information, is completed and the installation is assigned to the appropriate technician.  The technician will coordinate the installation, testing, and deployment of the software in the designated classroom or lab.  Faculty members are asked to be available for testing prior to full deployment in the classroom or lab.
  5. The faculty member requesting the software installation will sign off on the installation affirming the functionality of the software as expected for the teaching experience.