Information Technology

Butler's Computer Use Master Policy allows Butler students to connect their own devices to the campus network. In order to maintain optimal network operations, IT requires that certain security standards be met.

Antivirus Protection

Every student MUST have functioning and up-to-date antivirus software installed on each of their computers. Once installed, it is the student's responsibility to keep the program up-to-date and periodically scan their computer for viruses. Computers found to be infected by a virus will be removed from the network due to the security risk(s) they pose. 

Butler provides FREE antivirus software for students for both Windows and Mac.


Automatic operating system updates must be enabled on all computers, tablets, and smartphones in order to better protect your devices. Learn more about automatic Windows and Mac updates


Firewalls must be enabled on all computers. Learn how to enable your Windows or Mac firewall.

Minimum Hardware Requirements

Specifics Windows Mac
Memory (RAM): 2 GB 2 GB
Hard Drive: 100 GB 120 GB
Wireless/Network Card: 802.11 b/g, Ethernet 802.11 b/g Extreme Ethernet
Optical Drive: 16X DVD/CD-RW SuperDrive
Removable Storage: 8 GB USB Flash 8GB USB Flash
Operating System: Windows Vista or higher OS 10.5 or higher
Backup Storage: 120 GB 120 GB

Additional Information and Helpful Resources