Information Technology

Phones in University & Greek Residences

Butler University does not provide phone service in residence hall rooms. Students who would like to have voice service in their room can rent service for a yearly fee.

Residence Hall Phone Rental Program

  • Students may rent a phone for their residence for a fee of $100 per year (charged to their student account). Rental includes an IP telephone.
  • Courtesy phones are available in residence hall common areas in order to provide additional communication services.
  • Students may request a personal long distance code that can be used from any courtesy phone.
  • To request phone or long distance service, please contact the Help Desk.

Features for Rented Phones

  • IP telephone. A cisco IP phone is provided as part of the rental fee.
  • Private voice mailbox. You will receive an email each time a voice mail is left for you.
  • Unique Phone Number. You will receive your own personal phone number upon arrival to campus. This number will stay intact for the duration of time that you live in a Butler residence hall or apartment.
  • Low long distance rates. 4 cents per minute. Sign up for your own individual long distance code by sending an email request with your student ID number to

Phones in Greek Housing

Most Greek houses have a limited number of Butler provided phone lines and voice mailboxes. If phone service is provided, the resident must provide the phone. 2.4 GHz phones are NOT ALLOWED as they interfere with Butler wireless. Residents may request a long distance code from Information Technology by e-mailing the Help Desk or by calling 940-HELP (4357).

Other Information

  • Local Phone Service: You can make unlimited local calls. Dial 7 to get an outside line.
  • Campus Calling: When calling on campus to another campus phone you need only dial the extension (ex: 4357). When off campus you must include the 940 with the extension.
  • Long Distance Code: This code allows you to place long distance calls from campus phones. You are responsible for calls placed from this number. Do not share this code with anyone. If you lose your code or if you need a code, please call the Help Desk at 940-HELP (4357)
  • Calling the Operator: To reach the Butler operator dial 8000 or 0 from any campus phone (940-8000 from off campus).
  • Monthly Billing: Each month you will receive a detailed statement of long distance charges made to your long distance code. Pay student accounts for any phone charges.

How to Setup Voice Mail

  1. From your residence phone, dial MAIL (6245)
  2. Enter your 7 digit phone number (940-xxxx)
  3. Enter your first time enrollment password: 316497
  4. When prompted, record your name and press #
  5. When prompted, record a greeting and press #
  6. When prompted, set a new password (length must be between 6-15 characters)
  7. To rerecord your name, press 4, then 3, and follow prompts

How to Access Your Voice Mail off Campus

  1. Call 317-940-6245
  2. Enter your 7 digit phone number (940-xxxx) and press #
  3. Enter your password and press #

Basic Voice Mail Controls

  • Hear new messages 1
  • Send new messages 2
  • Review Old Messages 7
  • Set up Options 4
  • Cancel or back up *
  • Skip or move ahead #