Information Technology

Campus Backup Phones

  • These phones are a back-up to the Butler campus telephone system; they are independent of Butler's central system and use a different telecom source.
  • To reach other phones on this list, simply dial the extension listed below.
  • "911" calls from these phones will go to BUPD.
  • To call traditional Butler extensions, dial 7 then their normal 7 digit phone number (940-xxxx).
  • Others can reach these phones by dialing 7134258 then ask the operator to be transferred to the extension.
  • Long distance calls from these phones will be billed to the department.
Building Extension Room # Location
Jordan Hall 5751 40 Telecom Room (basement JH)
Holcomb Building 5760 105 HB 105 - Computer Room 1st floor
BUPD (525 W. Hampton Dr.) 9396 Main Office BUPD Chief's office
BUPD Deputy Chief's office
BUPD Phone line 2
Apartment Village 5800 Dawghouse Front Desk
Resco 5747 Main Office
Ross Hall 5748 Main Office
Schwitzer Hall 5749 Main Office
University Terrace 5750 Main Office
Health Center 5752 Reception Desk Health & Counseling - Recept.
Atherton Union 5753 200 AU 200 - Student Life VP
Clowes Hall 5754
1st Floor Clowes Coat Room
Clowes Command Center
Facilites 5756 118A Fac. & Maint Conf Room
Fairbanks Center 5757 218 FB - Reception
Gallahue Hall 5758 294 2nd Flr Copy Room
Hinkle Fieldhouse 5759 Men's Bball Office
Holcomb Building 5761 315 3rd Floor Operator
Irwin Library 5762 101 Circulation Desk
Jordan Hall 5763 101 Pres Office
Jordan Hall 5764 116 VP Operations
Jordan Hall 5765 140 UR Operations
Jordan Hall 5766 237 LAS Dean's Suite
Lilly Hall 5767 138A Deans Suite/Mail Rm
Pharmacy and Health Sciences Building 5768 107D Dean's Suite
Robertson Hall 5769 Sitting Room