Information Technology

Connect to BU Guest/Open Wireless

Guest wireless access is now available all over campus. The Guest/Open Wireless network is not encrypted and only permits connecting to the Internet; certain Butler services are not available (including printing and BUfiles). Access to BU Guest/Open Wireless requires a guest account which is valid for 30 days. If you do not renew your password at that time, the account will be deleted.

To connect, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure that you are in a wireless location
  2. Navigate to the wireless or wifi settings on your device
  3. Select BU Guest/Open Wireless from your list of available networks
  4. A screen will appear in your default internet browser with username and password fields, as well as two links. Click on the I Don't Have a Butler Account - Create a Guest Account link.
  5. Enter the required information and click Submit
  6. The page will confirm that your account has been successfully created. Make a note of your username and password. These appear below along with the information you entered on the previous page.
  7. When you have your information ready, click on the button labeled I have my username and password, take me to the log in screen
  8. Enter your username and password. Click Log In.
  9. The Butler University Computer Use Policy appears. Once you have read the policy, indicate your acceptance by checking the Accept the terms and conditions box, then click Accept.
  10. An Active-X download may take a few seconds. You may also see a notification that your IP Address is being renewed.
  11. Once completed, you should now have Internet access

For device-specific instructions, visit the Get Connected page and select the link which corresponds to your device and/or operating system.