Information Technology

Get Connected to the Butler Network

Use these instructions or the How to Connect to BU Secure Wireless flyer to connect your devices to the Butler Network.

Unless you are a guest or are connecting a gaming/streaming device, you must use the BU Secure Wireless network. BU Guest/Open Wireless is not encrypted and does not allow access to many Butler computing resources (including printing and BUfiles). Guests should connect to BU Guest/Open Wireless.

Prepare your Device

In order to connect to the network, you must have the following:

  1. Automatic updates enabled - Help with Mac automatic updates or Windows auto updates
  2. Firewall enabled - Help with Mac firewall or Windows firewall
  3. Functioning and updated antivirus software - FREE antivirus software

Select your Device

You must be ON CAMPUS to complete these steps.

Mac Laptop & Desktop

Google Chromebook

Windows (PC)

Smartphones and Tablets

Game & Streaming Devices

Note: Chromecast and Apple TV will not function or fully function on the Butler network. More information is available here