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Cable TV Services - Frequently Asked Questions

I currently live in a Greek house and I would like to upgrade. How can I do this? ~ Show Answer

A: Additional channels and upgrades are not available with Butler's Cable service. If you live in one of the Greek houses, you should contact a satellite provider such as Dish or DirecTV for information about any supplemental service options. If you need the address of your building, see this list of building addresses.

I live in a residence hall and would like to upgrade my service. How can I do this? ~ Show Answer

A: Premium channels and upgrades are not available.

Do I need any equipment? ~ Show Answer

A: No. You only need a coaxial cable and a TV with a built-in QAM tuner (most TVs since 2006 include these). If you aren't sure if your TV has a QAM tuner built in, refer to your owner's manual or manufacturer website to check your specific model. To connect service, just connect your TV to the coaxial outlet using a coaxial cable, then run a full channel scan on your television to find the channels available to you.

How do I report problems with my digital cable? ~ Show Answer

A: If you have no cable TV signal, please call the IT help desk at (317) 940-4357.