Information Technology

Cable TV

Butler University, in partnership with Bright House Networks, provides students living in University housing with full Cable TV service consisting of approximately 70 channels. 

Note: Your TV must have a QAM tuner in order to receive this service. Most TVs (Vizio, Samsung, Sony) since 2006 include this, but refer to your owner's manual or manufacturer website (i.e., Google it) to check your specific model if you aren't sure.

Steps to take when you arrive on campus:

  1. Check that with your TV's manufacturer website if your model has a QAM tuner.  Some models require activation or do not have a QAM Tuner.
  2. Remove any cable boxes, VCRs, or other devices between the TV and the wall.
  3. Connect the TV directly to the wall outlet using a high-quality coaxial cable with a threaded connection.
  4. Make sure your connections at both ends of the cable are tight.
  5. Set your TV source input to Cable (some TV's require changing to Antenna then Cable)
  6. Run a full channel scan, commonly called Auto Program or Auto Tune, to find all the channels available to you.

Channel List

University housing with Butler Cable TV Service

  • Ross Hall
  • Schwitzer Hall
  • Residential College (ResCo)
  • University Terrace Apartments
  • Apartment Village

For more information, see the Cable TV FAQ.