Information Technology

Mapping Network Drives

  1. Do one of the following:
    • Windows 7: Right-click the My Computer icon, located on either the Desktop or the Start Menu, and select Map Network Drive…
    • Windows 8: Right-click on the This PC icon, located by searching for computer. Then click Map network drive.
    Win 8rightclick
  1. From the Map Network Drive window select a letter that you would like the server to be assigned from the Drive  list.. Although the drive letter is arbitrary, there are some conventions used at Butler as follows:
    • H: \\bufiles\user\username for faculty, staff and students
    • T: \\\username
    • W: \\\www
  2. For the Folder field, type in the server and folder, as directed in step 2
  3. Ensure the Reconnect at logon box is checked. After the fields have been filled in click Finish
  4. Enter BUTLER\your Butler username (e.g., BUTLER\jdoe) and password in the window that appears
  5. Verify that your network drive appears in My Computer. If you require assistance, please contact the Help Desk