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Did you know? As of August 2010, the Spam Filter labels 91.7% of all incoming mail as spam and prevents it from reaching your inbox. On average, the Spam filter captures 5,659,200 messages per day.

Information Technology maintains systems to filter spam from incoming campus email. All email sent to campus is scanned for viruses and then given a spam rating ranging from 0 to 100. Any message receiving a spam rating of 0 - 59 is delivered normally. If a message receives a rating from 60 - 100, the message is determined to be spam and is quarantined.  Each day that you receive spam, the system automatically sends you a quarantine digest at 7 am. This digest will list messages added to your quarantine folder since the previous digest. Using this message, you can request an updated digest, release misidentified messages, add a sender to your personal safe list to prevent them from being quarantined in the future, manage your personal safe and block lists, and view help information. The Spam Filter is in addition to the Junk Mail folder in Outlook.

Note: The spam filter only filters mail from the Internet. Mail between Butler users is not filtered. The spam filter is not perfect and may allow some spam to sneak by, but the majority will be captured.

Spam Filter Help (open a message from

Releasing a Quarantined Email ~ Show Information

To release a quarantined email, click "Release" to the left of the message needing to be released. Click "Yes" to the security alert, if one pops up. The system should then return a message stating that the email had been released, and the message should soon appear in your inbox.

Adding Email to the Safe List ~ Show Information

It is possible for a valid non-spam email to be mistaken for spam and be quarantined. In this case, you can add the message to your Safe Senders List, by clicking the "Safelist" option to the left of the non-spam email. Click "Yes" to the security alert, if one pops up. Adding a sender to the Safe Senders List then allows future messages from that sender to be delivered to your inbox.

Requesting Safe/Blocked Senders List ~ Show Information

To request an updated Safe/Blocked Senders List just click the link titled, "Requesting Safe/Blocked Senders List." Click "Yes" to the security alert, if one pops-up. You should then receive a receipt stating the newly created list will be sent through email.

Clicking Help for General Information ~ Show Information

Click "Help" to request some general information about spam. Click "Yes" to the security alert, if one pops up. An information window should appear with general information about anti-spam.

Managing Blocked/Safe Senders List ~ Show Information

The image below is taken from the Block/Safe Senders Management screen. To get to the management screen, click the "Manage Safe/Blocked Senders List" link in the top right corner of the digest. You may have to click "Yes" to the security alert, if one pops up.

spam Filter Instructions 2

Adding Entries ~ Show Information

Once the management screen appears, you can add or remove any entry in either list. To add a new entry, first select the list to the left that you want to modify and then click "New." Then type in the address and then click "Save" to add an entry. Once you have added all of your needed addresses, click "Close."

spam Filter Instructions 3

Deleting Entries ~ Show Information

To delete an entry, first select the list to the left that you want to modify. Then from the address listing, check the message(s) you wish to delete. Then click the "Delete" button. You will be prompted to click "Yes" to verify the deletion request.

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