Information Technology

Make the Switch

Not using Entourage with BUmail? You're missing out! Entourage lets you:

  • Synchronize your Apple Address Book contacts and iCal calendars with BUmail
  • Watch as your online BUmail calendar/contacts and Entourage reflect a change made in iCal/Address Book-instantly!
  • Send photos directly from iPhoto
  • Take advantage of your BUmail calendar
  • View other BUmail users' calendars and availability
  • Create meeting requests with other BUmail users
  • Make use of the Butler Global Address Book for quickly finding the email address of a member of the university
  • Use Contact Groups to create distribution lists

Currently using Apple Mail and don't want to lose your Apple Mail/iCal/Address Book/iPhoto/iChat integration?

  • Entourage can sync up with your Apple Address Book and iCal to keep your contacts and calendars up to date in both Address Book/iCal and Entourage with one click.
  • iChat can still use your Apple Address Book because it will be synched with Entourage.
  • iPhoto can be set to use Entourage as the default mail client.

Want to make the switch?

Read about how to set up Entourage.

Read about syncing Entourage with Address Book/iCal/iPhoto.