Information Technology

IMAP Configuration

IMAP is a client-server approach to email in which email is kept on the server. When you work with email, your email program (the client) connects to the BUmail server to access your email. Since your email stays on the server, you can easily access it from multiple workstations and programs. Information Technology supports many clients connecting to Butler mail servers using IMAP. Some clients that use IMAP include: Windows Mail, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, and Eudora.

IT will:

  • Provide help with basic configuration of email client software
  • Provide full support for Butler's primary email clients (Entourage, Outlook and Apple Mail)
  • Not be responsible for configuration issues outside of the mail client software that may be causing the problem

You are responsible for:

  • Your home (non-Butler) computer
  • Your home (non-Butler) Internet connection
  • Knowing how to set-up and configure your email client software

IMAP Settings:

Incoming Server:

  • Uses SSL Encryption
  • Port 993

Outgoing Server:

  • Requires Authentication
  • Uses TLS Encryption
  • Port 587