Information Technology

How to Export BUmail Contacts

The following steps will assist you to export your contacts from your Butler email address to a Gmail account. At this time, Information Technology only supports exporting to Google accounts.

  1. Log into any Butler Windows lab computer. Check our list of labs for a lab near you
  2. Once logged in, open Microsoft Outlook
  3. Follow the setup instructions on our Exchange Configuration Page
  4. Once Outlook loads, select Import and Export from the File dropdown menu
  5. Select Export to a file
  6. Use Comma Separated Values (Windows) as the file type
  7. From the locations listed, select Contacts as the item to export
  8. Open Gmail and login
  9. Select Contacts on any Gmail page
  10. From the More actions menu, select Import...
  11. Select Choose File
  12. Select the file exported from Outlook


If you need assistance, please contact the Help Desk.