Information Technology

Exporting Emails from BUmail to Gmail

A graduating student or other student may want to be able to have all of the emails in their BUmail in a different email account. The following documentation outlines how to do this. At this time, Information Technology only supports doing this through Gmail.

Note: In order for the email move to work successfully, you must move all emails out of their folders and into the mailbox. This is the most up-to-date link via the Gmail support site. If the information/method has changed, please inform the Help Desk so that it can be updated, and also to receive assistance in importing.

Please follow the instructions in the following link to successfully export emails from BUMail into Gmail:

When prompted, your server will be with port 995.

Please contact the Help Desk at with any issues you may encounter.

After 2-3 days, your mail should now appear in Gmail. Your contacts will need to be manually copied. For instructions, please visit our Exporting Contacts page.