Information Technology

BUmail Calendar Help

The calendar in BUmail allows you to track and manage the events in your life. From personal appointments to meetings and classes, you can use BUmail for all your calendaring needs.

Meetings & Appointments

You can invite anyone to your meetings including students, faculty, staff, and people that aren't officially affiliated with Butler.

When you create a meeting request, it's sent as an email message to the people you invite. They then have the option to accept, decline or propose a new time for your meeting.

An appointment is just like a meeting, except you don't invite people to attend. You can use the calendar to manage all your appointments. Add your classes, conferences, holidays, and any other kind of appointment to your calendar.

Share Your Calendar

By default, everyone can see only if you are free or busy (not the details of the appointment or meeting). Details can be viewed only if you give others permission to see them. Marking events as "private" keeps the details hidden to everyone including people who you share your calendar with.

You can open up to five calendars simultaneously in BUmail.

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