Information Technology

Classroom & Computer Lab Software/Technology Requests

IT maintains the hardware and software in all campus computer labs and technology-mediated classrooms. All faculty members who use software/technology in the classroom must complete a classroom software/technology request form no later than the dates specified below.

Requests received after these dates may not be fulfilled by the first week of classes in the corresponding semester:

Fall July 25
Spring December 15  
Summer Sessions I & II    April 25

Please provide complete information for each course you will be teaching. Once you enter your needs for a course, that information is retained by the form for subsequent semesters, and you will only have to review and approve your submissions for those courses each semester thereafter.

1.  Visit the Classroom Software/Technology Requests form
2.  Log in with your Butler username and password
3.  Follow the instructions that appear after logging in

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the IT Help Desk at 940-HELP (4357) or

Note: There may be additional charges to your department to purchase and/or maintain non-standard software and hardware.