Information Technology


Campus Solutions Core Team meets twice a month, once during the summer. The six offices represented on this team correspond to the primary areas of interaction served by the campus enterprise system, the My.Butler portal. As initiatives are approved by ASIC or as governmental regulations change, this group ensures that appropriate business processes and software changes are made and communicated to provide our students and employees with improved technology and efficiencies.

CORE Members

  • Jason Boyles, Student Accounts
  • Angie Clayton, Registration and Records
  • Deanna Crisan, Registration and Records
  • Jeff Ferguson, Information Technology
  • Dawnya French, Financial Aid
  • Karen Hand, Financial Aid
  • Kathy Harter, Admission
  • Kendra Hormann (convener), Information Technology
  • Jesse Knoll, Admission
  • Diane Kolas, Payroll
  • Jami Kong, Information Technology
  • Ruth Schwer, Information Technology
  • Chandler Shambarger, Human Resources
  • Patti Shea-Carpenter, Information Technology
  • Melinda Sowers, Student Accounts
  • Angie Strati, Information Technology
  • Michele Thibodeau, Information Technology

Contact Kendra Hormann for more information or with questions.