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Performance Management

Date: Updated January 2014

To: All Supervisors
From: Anila Din, Human Resources Management and Development
Re: Performance Management

** The four Performance Management documents below will assist you in preparing this year's performance evaluations. These are the same documents that were used last year.

  • Performance Management Guide (PDF): This guide provides information on how to complete the Performance Evaluation Summary, how to set goals, and how to complete the Self Evaluation.
  • Performance Evaluation Summary (sample) (PDF): This sample form has been completed for illustrative purposes.
  • Performance Evaluation Summary Form (PDF): This is the actual form that is to be used in summarizing your staff member(s) performance during this evaluation period. If you wish to complete the form electronically, save it to your "My Documents" folder before completing it. Please DO NOT save it on the website.
  • Self Evaluation (PDF): This is an optional, but highly recommended tool for your staff member(s) to complete prior to your one-on-one meeting. It is to be given to them at least a week before that meeting.

Completed evaluations are due to Human Resources Management and Development by June 30th of every year.

Please contact Anila Din at (317) 940-6683 with any questions. 

Beginning 2014, Butler University will begin a phased roll
out of an electronic goal and performance evaluation system known as 'Butler GPS.
Any department not included in the initial roll out will continue to utilize
the existing paper based performance management system. 

** Phased roll out begins April 2014.  Please scroll to the bottom of this page to access instructions and documents described in this memo. 


As we all strive to achieve the strategic goals outlined in Butler 2020,
the University is implementing an electronic Goal and Performance
management System-Butler GPS.
This new system will allow leadership to see how their divisional and
individual employees' objectives relate to the University's overall strategic
goals and to measure progress against those objectives.

A phased rollout of the system will begin in February with the President, Vice Presidents,
and those who report directly to those individuals. Information regarding the
second phase of the rollout will be forthcoming.    


  • Butler GPS is an electronic goal and performance management system created by SuccessFactors, a leading provider of performance management solutions.
  • The platform's guided process will facilitate the creation, assignment, and assessment of organizational and
    individual goals within the University.
  • Leaders will be able to see how their divisional and individual objectives relate to the University's overall
    strategic goals.
  • The new system will assess divisional and individual goals, and will be used to complete performance
  • The system is flexible and allows HR to customize forms and questions so they meet the needs of each division. HR will provide training on how to utilize Butler GPS.
  • Each employee will update their progress toward their goals throughout the year; supervisors may check the
    status of their employees' goals at any time.
  • The goals from last year will be entered automatically into the self-evaluation form and, as in past years, employees will have the opportunity to provide comments.

GPS Resources:

Butler GPS Website:  (do not type www. prefix)

Butler GPS Quick Reference Guides:


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