Health & Recreation Complex

James Jafari

To schedule your massage with James please call (317) 590-4048.

James Jafari has been serving the Butler University campus since the HRC opened its doors August of 2006. James is a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist, professionally trained and engaged in full-time private massage practice since 1999. He specializes in Advanced Kinetic Sports Therapy (A.K.S.T.), Deep Tissue Therapeutic massage and Myofascial Release. James utilizes the best of these and other modalities as well such as Swedish, Thai, and Hot Stone techniques for his clients, tracks their progress and makes adjustments based on their feedback. Whether his clients are athletes intent upon improved performance or recovering from an injury or individuals who simply realize that the benefits of massage include stress-relief, pain reduction and increased health and well-being, James always devotes his utmost toward the goal of each client's wellness. He is also a dedicated father, outdoorsman and martial artist and has never met a stranger!

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