Health & Recreation Complex

Intramural Sports Council (ISC)


The Department of Recreation has general purposes consistent to all boards and councils in mind when established an advisory body for intramural sports related matters.  The first of these is to provide for the collective wisdom knowledge, insight, and personal contacts that individuals bring to a board.  Secondly, the ISC is to help secure student support for the needs of students in the democratic process and in turn reflect these needs to the University through SGA action.


The purpose of this council shall be to serve as liaison between intramurals sport participants and recreational sports staff in the area of intramural sports, to generate participant involvement in all aspects of the intramural sports programs; to implement policies, procedures and services, to review and evaluate rules and regulations of all intramural sports; to maintain safety of programming and represent effectively all interests in the intramural team, dual and individual sport offerings.

Current Members:

Are you interested in supporting the Intramural program through a position on ISC? Contact us today at to get started. The Council will meet 2-3 times each semester to discuss the above mentioned items. We look forward to your feedback.