Health & Recreation Complex

Josh Downing ~ Associate Director, HRC Operations

(317) 940-6144

Responsibilities: Coordinates day to day HRC operations, memberships, marketing, web, facility support/maintenance, and locker room management. Supervises Assistant Director, Aquatics, Facilities Intern, and student staff of approximately 60 Building Supervisors and Control Desk employees.

Previous Experience: Assistant Director of Club Sports and Intramurals, Division of Recreational Sports, Indiana University - Bloomington

Hometown: Peru, Indiana

Education: B.S. in Sport Management, Indiana University - Bloomington. M.S. in Recreational Sports Administration, Indiana University - Bloomington

Little known fact: I've been to over 50 rock concerts.

Favorite quote: "It's the little things that count." - Gary Downing, my father

Favorite quote from a comedy: "Stop looking at me, SWAN." - Adam Sandler,Billy Madison