Health & Recreation Complex

Erinn K. McCluney ~ Assistant Director, Challenge Ed & Outdoor Recreation

(317) 940-9434

Responsibilities: Manage all aspects of Butler's Challenge Course and Climbing Tower. Also, to provide outdoor recreation opportunities for Butler faculty, staff, and students.

Previous Experience: Medical Assistant for a group of Psychologists in Fort Worth, Texas.

Hometown: Albuquerque, New Mexico

Education: B.S. in General Studies - IUPUI

Little known fact: I am a percussionist and timpanist.

Favorite quote: "Experience in itself is neither productive nor unproductive, it is how you reflect on it that makes it significant or not significant." - Gavin Bolton

Favorite quote from a comedy: "So you pierced the what...all you have to do is get another piece of toast." - The Birdcage