Center for High Achievement & Scholarly Engagement
University Honors Program

Honors Curriculum

Honors students must complete four HN courses with a grade of "B" or higher before they graduate. We offer honors sections of the FYS and HN 200, and 300 courses, described below. Students must take at least one HN 200 course and one HN 300 course among their four HN courses.

HN 110/111 Honors First Year Seminars

HN 110/111 courses are designed to introduce freshmen students to the Honors experience: the kind of course work, the seriousness as well as the joys of the enterprise, the community of students and faculty, cultural events, etc. while completing the requirements of the First Year Seminar. Students must enroll in both HN110/111 which collectively count as one of the HN courses. This course gives first year Honors students an opportunity to get to know one another and start working together in the spirit of shared purpose. 

HN 200 - 201 Seminars

HN 200 and 201 Seminars examine a great work, thinker, time period, or artist from various angles: artistic, scientific, historical, philosophical, religious, and so on. These courses give practice in honing in on one topic in extreme detail.

HN 300 Colloquia

HN 300 Colloquia focus on a central theme or question and examine it from a variety of disciplines and approaches. These courses ask students to approach a broad topic from a variety of different angles in order to gain their own perspective on the topic. Since this is usually the last level of the HN curriculum taken before the student moves on to the thesis-centered half of the Honors program, we urge the inclusion of some research-related assignments/projects in these courses.

Incorporating Study Abroad, Semester in D.C., Internships, and tight schedules

We encourage honors students to take advantage of as many opportunities as possible while at Butler University. Students who study abroad or intern in Washington, D.C. may count a pre-approved course taken abroad as one of their HN 200 or 300 courses.

We also realize that some students are in very structured majors. We do try to offer honors courses at times that can accommodate anyone's schedule but we also realize that sometimes courses may be filled before students can register for the class they need. The honors office will keep a waitlist of honors students for each course and will choose up to three additional students to enroll for honors courses. (For example, Joe Smith might want to take an honors class offered by his favorite professor, Dr. Morrel, but there are four other honors courses that fit his schedule. Sarah Jones, a dancer, has a tight schedule and can ONLY take Dr. Morrel's class. Sarah gets first dibs on the course.)

If the above options don't work, students may also register for an Honors Tutorial. The tutorials offer a chance for independent study with a professor on a previously taken honors topic, or another topic of the student's choice that has been approved by the honors director. See Tutorial How-To for guidelines on setting up an honors tutorial.