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University Honors Program

Student Experiences in the University Honors Program

"The Honors program at Butler has helped me to experience many different fun and rewarding events. Over the last few years, the program has helped expose me to vastly different experiences. For example, I have attended an event that corresponds with the Hands-On Spirituality class in which we chant, dance, and learn about interesting customs in different cultures. I have worked with other students to acknowledge honors professors in which we design gift baskets to show appreciation for their time commitments. I have helped craft seasonal decorations for the holiday season for a local retirement home. I have attended on-campus events with fellow honors students and have gotten to share and discuss feelings and opinions about them with my like-minded peers. I have taken unique classes focused on code breaking techniques and another that focused on studying award-winning women in film throughout history."

-Michael Blecha, Class of 2015, Student Honors Council President

Honors student and Class of 2014 graduate, Needa Malik spends her last semester in Washington D.C. See what Needa is up to!


In order to welcome new students to the Honors community, we organize an Honors Orientation day within the first few weeks of school starting. Honors Orientation is designed to introduce incoming honors freshmen students into the program. It is a great way not only to inform the students about what they can expect about the requirements of the program, but it also serves as a great way for freshmen to meet upperclassmen in the Honors Program and experience Indianapolis. Because of this, orientation is intended to be an enjoyable learning experience. Students were split up into groups and experience excursions throughout Indianapolis led by upperclassmen mentors. This past semester, students went to:

  • NCAA Museum
  • Indiana State Museum
  • Eiteljorg
  • Bike ride to Broad Ripple Farmer's Market
  • Rhythm Discovery Center
  • Indianapolis Motor Speedway
  • IMA
  • Monument Circle and Catacomb tours
  • Children's Museum
  • Indianapolis Zoo

Once the students returned from their activities, each group shared about their experiences, showed pictures and discussed what they learned from each activity. Finally, to conclude the day, students were able to meet with their honors mentors, which they were paired with based on their major, so that they could ask questions about what they could expect from the program and from their coming years at Butler University.

"I can honestly say that being an orientation leader this year was one of my best memories of honors. This year I got to take a group out to Indiana State Museum and the NCAA Hall of Fame, two places I'd never been to prior to this trip. Both places were great, but I really enjoyed hanging out with our group the most. A few weeks later, one of the approached me and remembered me, which was great, and I've seen others around and have had friendly conversations with them. I love how the honors program works to create a community that disregards class status."

-Rachel Patterson, Class of 2016, Honors mentor

"I think the honors initiation day was a great experience and I love how the honors program takes us to different museums that we may not have gone to otherwise.  You learn a lot of neat things from the different places.  My group went to the Rhythm Discovery Museum, which I was not even aware of prior the trip.  It was a lot of fun seeing all the different types of drums and percussion.  Our group actually created our own rendition of the National Anthem with different instruments.  It was pretty hilarious.  Honors initiation allows new students to make friends and get connected with people of different ages, and I think that is a really cool opportunity."

-Chloe Meiss, Class of 2017