Center for High Achievement & Scholarly Engagement
University Honors Program

Helpful Hints for Advisors

Common Bumps and Solutions:

  • We'll count courses abroad and in DC as honors courses (need prior approval from honors program director). Courses should be substantive, not foreign language credit, and may not be counted for credit elsewhere
  • HN 351 or 352, honors tutorial: student designs an independent study on a topic previously explored in an honors course or other topic of interest and works one on one with faculty member for the semester. For details see how to set up a tutorial. Usually counts as HN 300 credit.

Helpful Hints:

  • Many students are not likely to get into their first choice HN course - suggest 2 or 3 options and encourage exploration into the unknown
  • We cap HN courses at 15 and keep waitlists; we add up to 3 students and professors may choose to either add 2 others or allow us to add 2 others. It is important that students or their advisors or both contact the honors program to explain why a specific course is needed so we can make the best decisions when it comes to waitlists.
  • Student must take 1 HN course in first two semesters of being active in the program or s/he will lose the registration bonus given to HN students (approximately 30 credit hours bonus).
  • Use the Advising Checklist in student's advising file - designed by HP for your use as advisor


We rely on advisors to help us know where our students are being best served. If you have a student who is dropping the program, please let us know WHY. If you have a student who you feel would truly benefit from the program, please send her/him our way. Finally, students are AFRAID of the thesis! Please encourage students that they are indeed intellectually up to the task and that there will be a support system for them as they work toward completing the honors program, and should they choose to do so it will be an experience of high academic and personal quality. Students will learn as much about themselves as any topic they explore. As always, if you or your advisees have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us!