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General Registration Info for Honors Students

Registration Basics Show Registration Basics

Before registering for classes, check online (also use to be sure you have the latest course information.

Another important piece of information you should know - you must earn a grade of 'B' or better to receive honors credit for your honors courses. A 'B-' does not count. This requirement is written in the Butler University Bulletin. If you take an honors course and your final grade is less than a B, you will still get the 2 hours on your transcript, but will need to take an honors course at that level over again.

All students who complete the honors program are required to take four seminar courses:

HN 200- at least one
HN 300 - at least one
HN 200 or HN 300

Freshmen who are admitted directly into the University Honors Program have the option of enrolling in an Honors FYS which will substitute for one of the seminar requirements.

Additionally, students must enroll in HN397 or HN398-Thesis Proposal course during the spring of their Junior year of the fall of the senior year.  Departmental honors courses are required nd are under the supervision of the student's academic program advisor.

Basic Outline of the Honors Program (WORD document)

The first four course requirements may be taken in any order. We recommend you take the Departmental  honors course in fall your junior year and HN 397 or 398 in spring your junior year. Of course, we will work with your schedule if that is not possible. Just let us know.

If you are unsure how many courses you still need to take, or which courses, please email Jason and ask! Be sure to include your student ID number.

If you want to STUDY ABROAD it is possible to take an honors course while abroad (and you'll probably take care of most of you cultural events, too)! Please have the course approved BEFORE you leave. Jason Lantzer, University Honors Program Coordinator, will be the person to approve a course taken abroad for a HN course requirement. Take possible course descriptions to Dr. Lantzer for approval.  The University Honors Program is located in Jordan Hall, room 153.

Freshman and Sophomore Registration Information Show Information

If you are signing up for a HN course, especially if you are a freshman or a sophomore, please have more than one Honors course in mind that can fit into your schedule. Have three selected. Your first choice may be filled before you can enroll in it. The Honors Program will do everything it can to accommodate schedule conflicts, so if you have a very tight schedule and only one course can fit, please let us know. Also keep in mind, your second or even third choice class will be just as exciting!

Enrollment for most Honors courses are set at 13 and maintain waitlists.  It is important that students or their advisors or both contact the honors program to explain why a specific course is needed so we can make the best decisions when it comes to waitlists.

Junior Registration Information Show Information

Juniors should enroll in a Departmental Honors Course in the fall (The DHC is taken in the area in which you intend to write your thesis). In rare circumstances, students may take their DHC in the spring. If you're unsure what your Departmental Honors Course is, ask your advisor.

Juniors will take HN 397 or 398 in the spring their junior year. This is the Honors Thesis Independent Study and Proposal course. It is an independent study with your thesis advisor that gives you graded credit for preparing and submitting a thesis proposal in March. If you plan on completing the honors program, you need to take this in the spring before the year you will graduate. The only way to enroll is to come to the Honors Office (JH 153D). You will be asked to fill out a form and have your advisor sign it before HN 397 or 398 will be added to your schedule.


FAQ: What's the difference between 397 and 398?

HN 397 carries only one hour of credit.

Some students will not have to do a significant of background research in the spring in order to complete a thesis proposal - for instance, many students develop a proposal based on previous class work or work done in the DHC. These students register for HN 397, which assumes about 15 total hours of meeting time with your thesis advisor (that translates to one hour per week.)

HN 398 carries two hours of credit.

Some students will need more credit and time devoted to background research before submitting a finalized thesis proposal. HN 398 grants credit for about 30 total hours of work/meeting time with your thesis advisor (approximately 2 hours per week).

For more details: Juniors (WORD document)

Senior Registration Information Show Information

Now is the time to make sure you've completed your HN courses and have HN 397 or 398 on your transcript. Finally, if you wish to earn graded credit for your thesis, you may sign up for - 499 in your major. For example, if you are a biology major, you may sign up for BI499. This is worth 3 credit hours.

For more details: Seniors (WORD document)

Questions? Contact us

Honors Program Director, Dr. Judi Morrel at or 940-9723
Honors Program Coordinator, Jason Lantzer at or 940-9302
The Honors Office is located in Jordan Hall 153
Also try checking the FAQs if you haven't already!