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University Honors Program

Honors Program Advising Sheet

For Students Beginning the Honors Program as Freshmen


Student #:

During the sophomore year, students will meet with University Honors Program Coordinator in order to ensure the student is on track to complete the requirements of the University Honors Program. 

Academic Requirements include:

  • HN110/11
  • HN200
  • HN300
  • HN300 or HN200
    • Students who begin after first semester freshman year will replace HN 110 with another HN course.
    • Students must take at least one 200 and one 300 honors course.
    • HN 200 & 300 courses may be taken in any order.
  • Departmental Honors Course (Fall of Junior year; fall P2 year for PharmD) To be taken in the intended thesis area.
  • HN397 or 398 (Spring of Junior year; Spring P3 year for PharmD). HN 397 carries one credit hour; 398 carries two credit hours. Grants transcript credit for work done toward thesis proposal.
  • Thesis proposal due 2nd Monday after Spring Break, junior year (spring P3 year for PharmD). For students abroad or unable to submit in March, due date is Sept. 15 the following fall. Proposals are reviewed by college honors boards.
  • Oral Presentation (senior year; P4 for PharmD) BURC, for example
  • Penultimate Thesis Draft is due the Wednesday after Spring Break, senior year (P4 year for PharmD). Students may register for XX499 in their thesis area.
  • The final Thesis is due 1 1/2 weeks before finals.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Cultural events are reported directly to the Honors Program office. Advisors do not need to keep track of them, but it's a good idea to ask the student if he or she is attending events and turning in cultural events.
  • Students who plan to study abroad can arrange to have one study-abroad course count as an HN course.
  • Students may take up to two credit hours in Honors Tutorial credits (HN351 or 352) to replace one of the four HN courses. Tutorials continue the work done in a previously-taken HN course.
  • Students who have difficulty scheduling all of the course requirements may work with the Honors Council faculty representative from their college to see if he or she can help.
  • Other people to consult with: intended thesis advisor, Judi Morrel (Honors Program Director, 940-9723), Jason Lantzer, 940-9302 (Program Coordinator)